O2 Park

LocationTu Son, Bac Ninh Provence, Vietnam

TaskLandscape Architecture Design

ClientVSIP Bac Ninh Co.,Ltd

ArchitectureEGO Group

Interior DesignEGO Group

Landscape DesignEGO Group


We all need clean air to breathe, for without it we can survive only a few minutes.

The technological progress of recent decades has brought with it drastic environmental problems.

Earth, air is an essential good to protect and promote the development of green technologies.

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Today, pollution in industrial zones is a serious problem in urban areas. Therefore, our design projects always want to convey strong message and design solutions for environmental protection.

Inspired by a forest capable of producing large amounts of fresh oxygen, we designed the park to become a business hub of VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park. At the same time, it acts as a factory producing oxygen gas, a green lung for the whole Industrial Park.

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The Leaf Pavilions are the symbol of the park. Design inspiration comes from the structure and pattern of leaf surface that combine with mist system in order to show us oxygen produce process of leaf.

The pavilion is made by cortel steel – a type of material that can tell industrial characteristics design. You can imagine that when the sun moving, the shadow pattern cast on the paving floor will catch your eyes.

Large area of lotus lake can bring nature to the people. In summertime, when the flowers bloom, the lake will be full of beautiful color and fragrant.

It roles as space for recreational, enjoying scenery four seasons and water bio-filter that can improve the quality of environment.

Central square in tropical island become a large public space for community, events, wedding,… and the space connect to Clubhouse with variety of services and activities.

Impressive lighting design idea can bring breath life to the park at nigh time. That will become a enjoy place for events and connect the people together.

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