Europena Retail Street Ha Long

LocationHa Long, Quang Ninh Provence, Vietnam

TaskLandscape Architecture Design

ClientSun Group


Landscape DesignEGO Group



Welcome to the Ha Long European Retails Street – Vienna, Austria! world’s music capital!

The City of Music where historic culture, the glittering capital of a great empire and the musical of the world meet together. More famous composers have lived here than in any other city – in Vienna, music is literally in the air:

Waltzes and operettas have their home here, and so do musicals “made in Vienna,” which have conquered international audiences.

Our inspiration for landscape concept comes from the rhythm of Beethoven’s No.9 Symphony.

The symphony is in four movements, and the characteristics of each one can help the landscape performed.

The first is in sonata, the second is a scherzo and trio, the third is a lyrical, slow movement and the final choral inspire humanity.

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The product is expected to re-present European heritage on the heritage and raise the level of the line of real estate resort in Ha Long. Europeans are proud of their city, their rich history, rich diversity in Western culture reflected in the unique space of each city. The cities of London, Paris, Copenhagen, Milan, Athens, Budapest, Vienna are made up of architectural and space networks bearing indelible traces of local history and culture.

Vienna has long been known not only as the world’s capital of music, but also as the capital of architecture, with magnificent castles and unique buildings in Europe.

Vienna architecture also has a diversity and interference, so that the capital of Austria dressed up the beauty of an ancient city but also young and modern.

European retail street is in the Vienna, Austria music atmosphere all day with outdoor classical music events. Music do not only bring breath life to street but also soften crowded urban daily life.

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