Seminar on movie show events: Bauhaus – Models and legends


In 2018, with the theme “Architectural Art – Other Perspectives” the Architecture Cinema Club proposes to discuss one aspect of this topic after each film. Our first screening on March 17, we go back history in the early 20th century to learn about the world’s first college of modern art, where architecture and disciplines other arts are viewed in a completely new way compared to before: Bauhaus University

Perhaps the name Bauhaus is no stranger to us. Why is it so pervasive around the world? Did you know that many of the objects we use, the colors and patterns on the clothes we wear or even the lines of the buildings where we live and work can capture source from there?

The film “Bauhaus – Model and Myth” by director Kerstin Stuterhiem and Niels Bolbrinker with many valuable documents and living witnesses will help us understand more about this legendary school. We will explore the works of Bauhaus, from objects used in furniture, graphics products, fashion, musical plays to architecture, with a completely new creative philosophy. The film is not only about art and architecture, but also contains a lot of information about history, politics, economy,… at the times faced by the three Bauhaus principals in 14 years.